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Despite the high value of rock lobsters, the long and complex lifecycle has provided challenges for the establishment of a sustainable commercial aquaculture industry.


Current aquaculture ventures are reliant on the collection of wild seed stock, which are difficult to source in many parts of the world.


In a breakthrough for lobster aquaculture, UTAS NEXUS Aquasciences has developed unique aquaculture systems capable of mass producing rock lobster seed stock.




The technology is now operating in at pilot scale at the custom builit facilities at the University of Tasmania, where a series of 10,000 litre tanks can produce thousands of tropical rock lobster juveniles per year.

The underlining technology offers great promise for the mass production other related species including slipper lobsters (aka. Moreton Bay Bugs).


UTAS NEXUS Aquasciences has through the Univeristy of Tasmania, now partner with the PFG Group to establish the first commercial scale hatchery in Australia.

Our closed looped life cycle means mass culture is now a reality

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