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UTAS Nexus Aquasciences is the owner of the intellectual property (IP) and has the world-wide rights to exploit and export and has awarded exclusive licenses in Australia and Malaysia to UTAS and Nexus Aquaciences Snd Bhd respectively.

UTAS Nexus Aquasciences is now seeking to partner with a select number of organisations interested in establishing a second hatchery (in a jurisdiction other than Australia) from around 2020 owards.

The Company has engaged Deloitte Touche Tomatsu to assist the company develop its business plan, seek commercialisation opportunities to scale-up and initiate business operations which will see the technology become a commercial reality.

It is now seeking partners with interests in;

  • Senior Management Positions

  • Investment

  • Developing facilities to exploit the technology in their region from ~2020 onwards

  • Licensing individual components such as the Company's proprietary feed formulation

  • Research

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of what is poised to be a global opportunity in lobster aquaculture, and UTAS Nexus Aquasciences looks forward to discussing any interest as an investor, collaborator, or value-chain partner.

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