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  • Closed the lifecycle for tropical, eastern and southern rock lobsters and have first and second generation broodstock for both eastern and tropical rock lobster species.

  • Developed sophisticated culture systems, using unique engineering, state-of-the art hatcheries and plastic manufacturing for new concepts in larval tank design and construction. The scale of the tanks and larval rearing systems are, to our knowledge, an order of magnitude larger than any other lobster larval rearing systems being developed world-wide.

  • Developed specially designed larval diets and tailored feeding regimes suitable for mass culture - our diets meet the nutritional requirements of larval lobsters and significantly reduce larval development duration and mortality at metamorphosis.

  • Filed two provisional patents relating to innovations in larval culture systems and formulated feed.

  • An expert understanding of seawater ozonation to optimise bacterial control while minimizing larval deformities.

  • Developed specialised techniques for assessment of nutritional condition and feed intake in lobsters.

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