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Formed in July 2016,  UTAS-Nexus Aquasciences Pty Ltd  is a joint venture company created to commercialise break-through ‘closed-loop’ lobster aquaculture. The company's proprietary technology is based on research developed over a decade by the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and Nexus Aquaciences Sdn Bhd (NASB).


The world-class aquaculture research has demonstrated at pilot scale the ability to reproducibly rear in controlled facilities three varieties of lobsters;

  • Southern Rock Lobster,

  • Eastern Rock Lobsters and

  • Tropical Rock Lobsters

from eggs through to juveniles ready to be matured in grow-out cages.


Never before has a ‘closed-loop aquaculture system’ for rock lobster been achieved at production levels which are orders of magnitude higher than the egg-to-adult survival rates seen in the wild.

UTAS Nexus Aquasciences' technology has solved the many long standing challenges (nutrition, disease, storage and brood-stock optimisation) that has stymied scalable lobster aquaculture industry.

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